Spiritual Landscape
Come explore how people of all ages live out their faith in real life.

Bible Engagement
Why do so many people own Bibles, but so few read them? What difference does Bible engagement make? These studies are at the heart of CBE's mission and reveal why we believe Bible engagement is the way to grow spiritually.

Children & Youth
Hearing from God through the Bible is not just for adults. Children and youth share with us how they believe God communicates with them.

Christian Media
Each year the Christian media industry in the United States, including over 3,000 radio stations, 100 television broadcast stations, and more than 130 film production companies, produces and distributes a wealth of content. CBE research reveals who Christian media reaches, what motivates their media choices, and what they would like to see in the future.

For many, the local church plays a major role in their spiritual life. Through our partnerships with churches, CBE has explored how people view their churches and what their spiritual lives are like between Sundays.

Increasingly churches are recognizing the toll sexual temptation, particularly in the form of pornography, is taking on families. Hard data on this controversial topic can be hard to come by. CBE gives you solid information on how many struggle in this area.